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01:50am 05/10/2003
mood: drunk
dude, no one has posted in forever. so i thought i would. and rin is over at my house right now. she has a new man. oh yeah. oh yeah. i rock.

rin rocks hardcore too. rock on.

b and rin came over the other day. we got drunk. rin sucked face. and i'll never let her hear the end of it, because she's so cute. she's actually wearing my dress right now. yes, i said dress.



new job* 
02:17am 09/07/2003
  i got a job! *applause*

i work at the bell school road ranger right next to steak n' shake. so if anyone wants to come visit me. feel free. my normal hours are 10:30pm - 6:30am sunday-wednesday. and then saturday i work either 2pm - 10pm or 3pm - 11pm.

12:17am 08/07/2003
Please go and vote for Tub Ring and/or Dog Fashion Disco
They need our support. Please tell your friends.
I know most of you have multiple email addys... please register and use them all. HELP OUT!!!!
voting ends Aug. 7th.
01:32am 20/06/2003
mood: awake
Magic Number7
PersonalityParanoid And With Good Reason
TemperamentCheck My Pulse
Likely To WinA Home Help Badge
Me - In A WordDevious
Brought to you by MemeJack

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03:54am 12/06/2003
mood: blank
so yea... whats up in the world of the Mob Action Girls????
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Brandy hates pink 
02:17pm 09/06/2003
mood: happy
but thats ok cause it looks cutsie...(cringes) so beth got money today i lost money last night...and i still have to have $350 by saturday...I need to make corrin and crystal a journal
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possible new mag* 
02:02am 09/06/2003
mood: contemplative
we may be inviting a new member to the mags. the approval from the other girls is still being awaited. not all of us have met her yet. but azrail knows her pretty well. and i met her once, and she seemed cool. but i think we will have to have a meeting for all of us together. we're branching out to chi-town. how cool. haha. i think we should come up with a traditional initiation also. since the four are the founding members, we haven't really had to think about that yet. but i like the idea.

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09:33pm 07/06/2003
mood: creative
mood: cheerful
welcome everyone.

this is the mobactiongirls journal. we post here to chat with each other and update. we let you know what's on our minds. but we'd love to hear what you have to say, so join the community and have some fun with us.