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possible new mag*

we may be inviting a new member to the mags. the approval from the other girls is still being awaited. not all of us have met her yet. but azrail knows her pretty well. and i met her once, and she seemed cool. but i think we will have to have a meeting for all of us together. we're branching out to chi-town. how cool. haha. i think we should come up with a traditional initiation also. since the four are the founding members, we haven't really had to think about that yet. but i like the idea.

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we're movin on up
to the east side.

Des Plaines Represent!!!!! HOLLA!

initiation would be cool, as long as um... we aren't hazed!! *muawhwhahha* and you can't forget ashers in SusSex.
well of course we wouldn't haze anyone. just make them stand alone in a cemetry for three weeks or something. haha. don't worry. we don't do that either. haha, we should make applications too. that would just be funny.

haha... let's do it? haha... like i even have a say, i'm a "n00b" myself. LOL, LMAO, hahaha... *sigh* i'm soo lame.